SEGi’s impactful nutrition demo: Nurturing healthy beginnings in Malaysia

SEGi took a proactive approach towards promoting optimal growth and development of babies and young children in Malaysia through a recent demonstration on proper complementary feeding. On Friday, 10 November 2023, SN and JM from KK Kelana Jaya conducted a demonstration on food for 6-month-old babies, with the participation of a student nurse from SEGi’s Diploma in Nursing Cohort 33. 

The demonstration emphasized crucial principles of nutrition, aligning with the recommended guidelines for infant feeding. Exclusive breastfeeding from birth until the child reaches six months of age was emphasised, followed by the introduction of complementary foods while continuing breastfeeding until the child turns two years old. The importance of providing sufficient food to meet energy needs and gradually adapting the texture and preparation of food according to the baby’s age and development were highlighted. 

The demonstration also stressed the significance of incorporating meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, and dairy products into a baby’s diet. Additionally, the session promoted responsive feeding based on psychosocial care principles and emphasised the importance of practicing safe food handling and storage. 

Mothers in attendance had the opportunity to learn about and discuss various sample foods suitable for 6-month-old babies. The session encouraged two-way communication, allowing mothers to ask questions and share their own experiences in preparing food for their babies. This interactive approach fostered a supportive environment for knowledge-sharing among the participants. 

The half-hour session concluded with mothers receiving complimentary gifts from KK Kelana Jaya. They were encouraged to share the information learned with their family and friends, ensuring that the knowledge would have a broader impact on the community. Additionally, mothers were advised to attend their scheduled baby appointments to further support their child’s growth and development. 

SEGi’s involvement in this demonstration exemplifies its commitment to promoting proper infant nutrition and supporting parents in providing the best care for their babies. By equipping mothers with valuable information and fostering dialogue, SEGi continues to contribute to the well-being of both infants and their families.

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