SEGi Nursing Cohort 33 excels in community health posting, demonstrating hands-on excellence

SEGi’s Diploma of Nursing Cohort 33 recently embarked on a community health posting, aimed to provide comprehensive healthcare services and acquire practical knowledge in Community Health Services. The objective of the posting was to give students the opportunity to participate in delivering healthcare to clients in the community while recording valuable data. 

On 6 November 2023, a team of six students, accompanied by CI Normaizatul and KK Kelana Jaya, visited SK Seksyen 7 Kota Damansara for routine physical check-ups, visual tests, and Diphtheria vaccinations for standard 1 students. The registration process involved obtaining consent from parents for vaccination and filling out student health cards. 

During the visit, a thorough physical examination was conducted by a doctor, covering all aspects from head to toe. This examination aimed to identify any physical deformities and also allowed the doctor to assess the students’ psychological well-being by asking relevant questions about their home and school life. 

For the visual test, a flip chart was used to make it easier for the students. Those who were unable to read or differentiate alphabets were asked to identify shapes instead. This test revealed that several students had visual problems, with blurred vision reported in either one or both eyes. These cases were recorded, and the students were referred to specialists for further assessment. A referral letter was given to the class teacher to forward to the parents. 

As part of the visit, all standard 1 students received Diphtheria injections. Although the process went smoothly for most students, two male students became scared and started crying. They were comforted and held properly to ensure a successful injection. 

Overall, this school visit provided valuable hands-on experience for SEGi College Kuala Lumpur’s Diploma in Nursing Cohort 33, enhancing their understanding of Community Health Nursing (CHN). The students actively participated in the activities and carried out their assigned tasks with enthusiasm. 

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