SEGi KL students get a competitive edge in safety industry

Written by: Pritharshini a/p Palanisamy 

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur has made an important step in providing quality education to its students by obtaining DOSH accreditation for its Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health program. This action comes as Malaysia is amending its Occupational Safety and Health Act, which will go into effect in the first quarter of 2023. 

With only 25% of Malaysia’s workforce covered by Occupational Safety and Health legislation, there has never been a greater need for certified safety specialists. According to the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources, the country had just 5,301 registered Safety & Health Officers as of 2021, a gap of almost 11,000 based on the government’s aim of one Safety & Health Officer for every 1,000 workers. 

The accreditation of SEGi KL by DOSH assures that its Occupational Safety & Health curriculum is up to date with the most recent rules and compliance requirements, giving students a competitive advantage in the job market. Furthermore, students who complete the program at SEGi KL will not need to attend the 22-day Safety & Health Officer course because the curriculum already meets the standards. 

SEGi KL’s efforts to achieve accreditation for its Occupational Safety & Health program indicate its dedication to offering high-quality education that prepares students for real-world professions in Malaysia’s expanding safety industry. The DOSH officers’ visit to SEGi KL’s facilities emphasises ensuring educational institutions are in sync with the country’s changing regulatory framework.


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