SEGi Alumna Graduates with Distinction from University of York

By S.Rishikumar 

SEGi’s alumna, Chen Min Lan Olivia, has achieved remarkable success by graduating with distinction in Master of Science in Sustainable Business Leadership, Innovation, and Management from the University of York, UK.  

She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management from the University of Greenwich, one of SEGi’s university partners. According to a survey by Forbes, graduates with a master’s degree earn an average of US$78,000 annually, compared to US$61,000 for those with a bachelor’s degree only. 

Olivia’s undergraduate dissertation research on retaining customer loyalty for ZARA retail outlet in China was supervised by Rishikumar, Senior Marketing Lecturer from the Faculty of Business, Accounting and Law. Olivia was a hardworking and ambitious student, always interested in achieving the best grades in the subjects pursued for her studies.  

Rishikumar has guided and mentored her since Year 1 of her degree studies and provided her with a good recommendation letter to continue her master’s studies in the UK. 

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing management in 2021, Olivia immediately moved to England to continue her master’s in Sustainable Business, majoring in Environmental Sustainability and Social Issues. Graduating with distinction for her master’s studies in January 2023, Olivia works with an International Consultancy firm in London as a Sustainability Consultant. 

SEGi and the University of Greenwich are proud to have played a role in Olivia’s success story. SEGi have always been concerned about their students’ well-being, advising them even after graduating and moving on to their jobs in the industry or further studies. We take this opportunity to wish Chen Min Lan all the best for her future undertakings. 

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