SEGi filmmakers shine bright: Crafting cinematic brilliance on the global stage

A group of aspiring filmmakers from SEGi’s School of Creative Arts & Design made a significant impact at an esteemed film competition. Fueled by their passion for storytelling and a keen creative vision, these students successfully carved a niche in the cinematic world, leaving a lasting impression on judges and audiences alike. 

Recognising the competition as a golden opportunity to share their unique voice with the world, the students were dedicated to creating a short film that resonated deeply with audiences and captivated the esteemed panel of judges. The competition provided a platform for them to showcase their storytelling prowess and technical proficiency in cinematography, editing, sound design, and visual effects. 

Crafting a compelling short film within a limited timeframe presented challenges that drove the growth and development of these budding filmmakers. The competition served as a crucible for their skills, pushing them to become adept and proficient in their craft. 

Participating in such a competition also acted as a gateway for students to build a network within the filmmaking community. Collaboration and teamwork were fostered as students came together to create a cinematic piece that was greater than the sum of its parts. The connections formed during these competitions often led to future collaborations and projects, establishing a strong foundation for their careers. 

More than just a platform for showcasing talent, student short film competitions served as breeding grounds for creativity, innovation, and personal growth. These competitions empowered students to share their stories, amplify diverse voices, and make a lasting impact on the world of cinema. 

The titles of the original short films from SEGi students were as follows: 

“Peluang Kedua” by Kok Wing Hin 

“The Double” by Aiman Shah 

“5 Minit Sebelum Azan” by Muhammad Zameer Khan 

The journey of these School of Creative Arts & Design students in filmmaking embodied the passion, creativity, and determination that defined the spirit of student filmmakers globally. Regardless of the competition outcome, these students stood as a testament to the inspiration that comes from relentless pursuit and a fervent love for the art of storytelling. 

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