Aim, Shoot, Succeed: SEGians’ Archery Day at Akademi Wangsa

In a commitment to offer students distinctive experiences, the School of Communication & Creative Design (SoCCD) at SEGi orchestrated an enthralling traditional archery activity, drawing the participation of 19 enthusiastic students at the picturesque Akademi Wangsa.

Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the lush environs of Akademi Wangsa provided an idyllic setting for this adventure into traditional archery. With well-maintained facilities, the center became the stage for a day infused with learning, laughter, and the exhilaration of archery.

This meticulously curated traditional archery activity served a dual purpose: introducing students to the art and discipline of archery while fostering a recreational and team-building opportunity. Under the expert guidance of seasoned archery instructors, students were armed with bows and arrows, embarking on a journey to explore this ancient skill.

Beyond the technicalities, the event aimed to instil qualities such as focus, patience, and precision. As students delved into the basics of archery, they were encouraged to embrace the meditative aspects of the sport, cultivating a sense of mindfulness and concentration.

The event’s highlight was its emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. Transforming archery from an individual sport to a collective experience, students engaged in friendly competitions and team challenges. This platform provided a unique opportunity for students to connect, communicate, and collaborate towards shared goals, reinforcing the importance of teamwork in various facets of life.


The initiative of the School of Communication & Creative Design (SoCCD) in organising such an unconventional activity underscores SEGi’s commitment to delivering a holistic education that transcends traditional classroom boundaries. The archery event emerged as a valuable supplement to students’ academic pursuits, allowing them to explore new interests, develop essential life skills, and forge lasting memories with their peers.

The resounding success of SoCCD’s traditional archery activity left an enduring impact on participating students. Beyond the excitement of hitting the target, the event provided a platform for personal growth, team building, and cultivating skills extending far beyond the confines of traditional academics.

As SEGi’s School of Communication & Creative Design (SoCCD) continues to lead in innovative and holistic educational approaches, students can anticipate more enriching experiences that seamlessly blend learning with fun and adventure, promising a future where academic exploration knows no bounds.

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