SEGi Faculty of Education organises talk on setting up high-quality preschools in Malaysia

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur is thrilled to bring in Mr R Siva Kumar to talk on how to set up high-quality preschools in Malaysia. An early-childhood industrial expert with twenty years of experience dealing with vital stakeholders in early-years education, Mr Kumar advises and consults for many struggling preschool operators and help them deliver quality education for young children and thrive.

In this event, Mr Siva will share his knowledge and expertise on promoting high-quality preschool settings that give equal importance to all key stakeholders involved in early childhood education. The session will provide the regulatory framework for setting up a top-notch preschools in  the country.

At SEGi College Faculty of Education, our passion is to deliver ongoing professional development talks in early-childhood education to increase students’ knowledge, skills, and working practices that match the current trends. These talks involve college diplomas and bachelor’s degrees, trainings, meetings, seminars, and conferences, encouraging teaching professionals to always continue learning. Every educator in the industry needs continuous upgrading in their intellectual abilities, self-confidence, and competencies to deliver best practices in teaching and learning.

We are committed to providing quality professional programmes such as Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with an affiliation with prestigious universities worldwide. The aforementioned programmes are tailored-made for busy practitioners who can still realise their career goals to own exceptional academic qualifications that the government of Malaysia recognises. Besides within Malaysia, SEGi’s certifications are also passports to employment in our neighbour-country, Singapore. Our pool of qualified and field-experienced experts is ready to share their valuable knowledge and skills with all learners.

With great emphasis on early childhood education in Malaysia, the Ministry of Education has imposed a minimum-qualification condition on all preschool teachers. Regardless of whether they are public or private preschool educators, they must possess a minimum qualification of a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

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