A Filmmaking Extravaganza with Malaysian Maestros

SEGi’s School of Creative Arts and Design (SOCAD) students and lecturers were recently invited to the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) for a short-film appreciation session with Malaysian filmmakers and their academicians. The session was in conjunction with IKIM’s short-film competition for students. Ten students from our Graphic Design and Multimedia Design programme were chosen to participate in this event.

During the session, notable film directors and animators U-Wei Haji Saari, Mior Hashim Manap and Hassan Muthalib, shared their thoughts and insights on the creative industry in an interactive session on the process of filmmaking, storytelling, the essentials of film direction, and the influence of culture on the Malaysian creative industry.

This was a great session and wonderful opportunity for SOCAD students to be inspired by the creative talents and industry experiences of the filmmakers. SOCAD looks forward to many more seminars, events, and activities as an exposure to the creative industry.

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