Professional recognition for SEGi’s medical laboratory technologists

SEGi College’s Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DIMLT) students are eligible for recognition by the Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBOT) when they have practised as Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs).

An MLT is a healthcare specialist who performs identification tests in a diagnostic laboratory by analysing body fluids such as blood, urine and faecal samples. This is a technology-based profession using scientific instruments such as microscopes, biochemical analysers, biosafety cabinets, embedding machines and rotary microtomes, and is thus professionally recognised by the MBOT.

The Qualified Technician is an entry-level registration with the MBOT for candidates with a certificate qualification (minimum MQF Level 3, Diploma MQF Level 4 and Advanced Diploma MQF Level 5) in the related technology and technical fields recognised by the Board.

Qualified Technicians may apply to be Certified Technicians after obtaining a practical experience which is determined by the Board (a minimum of three years’ working experience in the related technology and technical fields), having paid the prescribed fee, and complied with all the criteria determined by the Board.

SEGi College is always committed to giving not only the best education for our students, but also creating the best opportunities for them to pursue successful and rewarding careers.

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