SEGi University Expands Global Reach with Collaboration with Mangayarkarasi College of Engineering

SEGi University has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering global partnerships and academic excellence through a landmark collaboration with Mangayarkarasi College of Engineering, India. The event held on 15 February 2024, marked the beginning of a promising journey towards enhanced learning experiences and innovative research initiatives. 

Key stakeholders from both institutions, including engineering team members, convened to witness the signing of this significant collaboration. Prof. ChM Dr. Teh Geok Bee and Prof Dr. J. Karthikeyan delivered insightful speeches outlining the vision for joint academic programs, staff exchanges, and research collaborations. 

This collaboration paves the way for enriched learning experiences and global perspectives for students while offering faculty members opportunities for professional development and cross-cultural experiences. Research collaborations in electric vehicles, renewable energy, and robotics are poised to drive technological advancements and address pressing challenges. 

SEGi University’s dedication to fostering partnerships and advancing engineering knowledge is evident through initiatives like this collaboration with Mangayarkarasi College of Engineering. As both institutions embark on this journey together, they are set to make meaningful contributions to the field of engineering and beyond, reinforcing SEGi’s reputation for academic excellence and global engagement.