Mental Health Matters!

The COVID-19 pandemic and the new norms that have come about have affected all aspects of our day to day lives. Change can be difficult and these changes have disrupted our lives literally overnight. As mental health matters, especially in a crisis, the lecturers of the SEGi College Subang Jaya School of Psychology reached out virtually to our students and members of the public with positive messages promoting mental health awareness.

Here are some of our efforts from as early as 3rd day of MCO to August 2020:

  • A video entitled Keeping up with Mental Health during MCO that highlighted the four fundamental aspects of progressing through changes that the pandemic has pushed us through: i) Creating/recreating routine, ii) Practising mindfulness iii) Getting creative and iv) Self-care.
  • A Let’s De-stress webinar that allowed the audience to experience three different relaxation techniques they could utilize – breathing, guided imagery and self-soothing.
  • A webinar on Fostering Well-being in the Face of Covid-19 featuring our BSc Psychology link tutor from the University of Greenwich, Dr Gisele Dias, who covered how we could develop resilience through positive psychology and solution-focused skills. Dr Dias reminded us to focus on our strengths and to celebrate our achievements.
  • A webinar with students sharing their coping strategies during the pandemic – social support, physical activities, meditation, emotional distancing and positive reappraisal
  • The Mentality of Mental Health webinar which featured guests Farhana Muna – Mental Health Advocate who joined us from Melbourne and Nancy Bartosz, founder of Hope Travels, from Chicago. The session was an honest and open look on why conversations on mental health are important. It is ok not to be ok!

In the face of uncertainties, we need to know what is within our control to enhance our wellbeing.

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