When communication + creative design: The amazing team project by final year graduates of communication, creative arts & design.

By Tujandran Kanaga Singam

School of Communication and Creative Design

Colleges, universities and innovation schools have given birth to new talents with gifted skills in graphic design, multimedia, and mass communication. Most colleges provide this level not only as a diploma with endorsed certifications but for future leaders reigning the industry. SEGi College Kuala Lumpur’s School of Communication, Creative Arts & Design has molded itself into one of the leading communication and creative schools with an emphasis on creative design and communication technology. The skills that are in demand are trained in this school with programs such as Diploma in Graphic Design, Diploma in Multimedia Design and Diploma in Mass Communication.

Students are encouraged to apply their creativity and innovation through the use of digital media and are guided by our industry-driven academic team. The school is also home to the University of Malaysia’s Industrial Revolution 4.0 for communication, multimedia, arts and information sciences. All students from the institute will have to work in teams to achieve their goals by application skills combining these divisions.


This school provides students with the opportunity to develop skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and collaboration. It is designed to help students become more effective communicators and leaders. Before completing their certification, the final year candidates will enroll in a final ‘showcase’ course; Independent Design Project or IDP. The word ‘independent’ may sound daunting but it is effectively utilized by the academic team to describe the ability of the student in a group in making decisions independently. To be successful in this program, the student must have the ability to think critically and creatively. Every student’s idea must be considered and evaluated. The course aims at developing critical thinking skills that are essential for the future careers of leading experts. This has also encouraged students to apply their creativity and imagination in unconventional ways in meeting the demands of the current and future job markets.


The final year students in the current semester are not exempted despite the limitations posed by the current pandemic crisis. They must be able to successfully produce an excellent array of projects by combining their skills in Graphic Design, Multimedia Design and Mass Communication. Guided by their academic mentors, the outcomes have never failed to impress. While abiding to the lockdown scheme of protocol (SOP) and social distancing, the design methodologies that have been applied  have been commendable. Being a diverse group of creative agents shines in the skills of project management which derives from  strategic alignment, leadership,  subject matter expertise and learning from success also failures.

Ranging from the “2020 Raya Lockdown” short video, [CMF] Alesya’s Cooking Show, the “Wipe Challenge” video, the “MakeUp Brush Challenge” video, the ongoing “SCKL Got Talent”, “Malaysia Prihatin” National Day competition, National Day short film  and several interviews with media ’s prominent  experts which are posted on the Creative Media & Film Club social media platforms and more to come. This is too long and wordy. Need to break down into 2 or 3 sentences.

To sum up, there is clear evidence that our Communication and Design Arts students are not only creative but are more to our mind can imagine. Giving the younger generation space to breath out creativity sharpens their leadership skills for the future. I might add that their determination during this lockdown pandemic has reminded me of Einstein’s famous saying, “The only way to escape the corruptible effect of praise is to go on working.” Einstein had reminded us to never rest on our laurels, but to stay hungry, focused and determined. Praise can be an invitation to take a step back, but should instead be a calling to dive in deeper. Therefore, it is a never-ending creative experience. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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