Valued Corporate Partners

What is it?

The Valued Corporate Partnership (VCP) programme is SEGi’s initiative of reaching out to key industry players in order to establish a mutually beneficial alliance.

This link with a diverse network of major corporations will have great and positive impact on all parties, especially our students, as VCPs can give wonderful advice in the design of our programmes according to current trends.

To date, we have over a hundred and ninety Valued Corporate Partners from every industry imaginable.


  • Continuing Education Opportunities
    Staff and family members receive an exclusive 10% off tuition fees for selected programmes applicable to any of our five campuses. In addition, a rebate of RM10, 000 can be redeemed for every 10th enrolment of an employee from an organisation.
  • Access to SEGian Talents
    As VCPs, you will be given the priority to recruit the very best of our students from the Talent Management Programme. In addition to referrals for job opportunities, we also organise the placement of students for internships.
  • Collaboration with Academic Faculties & Schools
    We take great pride in our carefully structured programmes, and as a VCP, your area of expertise makes you the Industry Advisor to assist and help improve our education programmes and syllabuses. Our VCPs may also engage students and faculties to be involved in the planning and execution of your company’s events such as market launches and CSR projects.
  • Brand & Product Visibility
    Our VCP programme members are featured on our SEGi website and other joint campaigns which attract a vast audience. We will also highlight your company’s name during our many official and social events including education expos, annual dinners and cultural nights. Our VCPs may also be featured in our many scholarship programmes.
  • Complimentary Use of Facilities & Services
    Our VCPs are given the use of the many amenities available on campus. Take full advantage by setting up booths for promotional purposes, and you may also hold your various company activities in our large multi-purpose halls and auditoriums. Every quarter, we hold a social day for our VCPs to mingle and to establish new networks and foster existing ones.
Do you have a business problem that you need to solve?

Become a Subject Owner

At SEGi we recognise our Valued Corporate Partners as industry experts because we realise that no amount of theory can compare to practical experience.

This is why our Valued Corporate Partners are regarded with the highest esteem in our efforts and our promise to bring industry into our classrooms, allowing our students to gain first-hand from the people who know best about their industry.

As a Valued Corporate Partner, when you adopt a subject within your domain, you become a Subject Owner and an acknowledged expert.  Our academic team will work with your organisation to customise projects based on real-life scenarios for our students to solve real-life problems that your company might be facing or are anticipating.

This means that our students will attempt to solve any business problem (whether real or imagined) that you might be facing will be attempted by our in the form of assignments.  So while our students are learning from us through you and your brand, you are potentially getting answers to your company’s problems.

Subject Owners

Introduction to Business (Diploma in Business Admin, Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Accounting)

Introduction to Marketing (Diploma in Marketing)

Integrated Marketing Communication (Diploma in Marketing)

Marketing Research (Diploma in Marketing)

Business Communication (Diploma in Business Admin, Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Accounting)

Technopreneurship (Diploma in Business Admin, Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Accounting)

International Business (Diploma in Business Admin)

Electronic Booking Tools & Airfares Ticketing & International Travel (Diploma in Tourism)

Data Analysis (Diploma in Business Admin, Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Accounting)

Digital Marketing (Diploma in Marketing)

Marketing Management (Diploma in Marketing)

Business Management (Diploma in Business Admin)

Digital and Service Marketing (Diploma in Marketing) Basic Cookery 1 & 2 and Culinary Project (Diploma in Culinary Arts)

Personal Selling and Consumer Behaviour (Diploma in Marketing)

Basic Photography (Diploma in Creative Media)

Principles of Management (Diploma in Business Admin, Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Accounting)

Business Research (Diploma in Business Admin)