The amazing things you can do with your degree in Computer Science

Congratulations!  So now you’ve graduated with a degree in Computer Science!  What a wonderful achievement!  As qualified purveyors of this same Bachelor’s degree, we at SEGi College Kuala Lumpur would like to applaud this grand milestone in your life.  And because we’re experts in education, we know exactly what you can do with your commendable new qualification.  Come closer now, and we’ll tell you what it is you can do with your shiny new Degree in Computer Science.

Career Prospects with a Degree in Computer Science:


  1. Software Engineer

Software engineers are some of the most important people in our contemporary world.  The Internet wouldn’t be able to survive a single hour, let alone day, without our software engineers.  With their expert knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL (and believe you me, they’ll add more and more acronyms to this list of their languages even before we can recite the alphabet!), they basically manage the worldwide web.  And you can be sure that our software engineers do some of the most important work this side of the 21st century.

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  1. Mobile Application Developer

How many mobile applications do you think exist?  Go to Google Play (or its Apple equivalent) and you’ll realise that the list is virtually endless.  What you’ll see there are the products of computer science engineers who have applied their knowledge and creativity to add value to peoples’ lives.  What a wonderful thing that is, to be able to create something useful that can change someone’s life for the better, making it easier, and more exciting!  Mobile application developers, fluent in the wide spectrum of computer languages, create, maintain and implement codes to develop mobile applications to meet almost every single need in the world!  Research has shown that there is a rapidly growing demand for mobile application developers worldwide. As a matter of fact, by 2023, mobile applications are expected to churn out in excess of 935 billion US dollars in revenue.  How amazing is that!

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  1. Web Developer

Web developers are just as important as other computer science engineers.  With their deep understanding of the world and the worldwide web, web developers are the planners and directors of a website, from its initial conception to the execution of its construction, to its maintenance and wellbeing.  Web developers are like conjurers with a magic wand.  By nature highly creative and organised people, web developers can come up with magical websites that could never have been imagined before!

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  1. Data Engineer

Data engineers construct, manage and oversee the database architecture.  They are those who dictate how data is acquired, stored and archived, the experts who convert raw data into information that is useful for their clients, making it accessible, understandable and manageable.  In many ways they are like the librarians who acquire all the books in a library and organise them away into their own designated spaces, to be easily accessed at any time in the future.  Data engineers are well-versed in programming languages such as Python, Apache Spark, and SQL. Personality-wise, engineers are usually meticulous and detail-oriented.

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  1. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts can be described as the guardians of an organisation’s computer systems which they regularly assess to ensure optimum efficiency.  They are the detectives who have the expertise to tell when and why computer systems aren’t performing as expected or as they should, and they are the ones who know exactly what is wrong and what changes and upgrades to implement to hardware and software to maximise the organisation’s performance. Computer analysts require strong interpersonal skills in order to convince management and staff to accept their recommendations.  They also need to have an innate curiosity and a desire to continuously learn the newest trends in computer technology.

What an amazing line-up of choices for you as a Computer Science graduate!  And if you aren’t one yet, but would like to be, don’t you worry!


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