Thaneswary’s tribute to SEGi

My journey at SEGi College Kuala Lumpur began back in May 2018 when I started my Diploma of Medical Laboratory Technology. I chose SCKL because it offers an unparalleled educational opportunity through its highly qualified faculties, its innovative curriculum and convenient locations, as well as having received the MyQuest 6-Star recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education. I really ejoyed college life, especially the interactions with my coursemates, all the questions asked in class, and especially listening to experienced lecturers sharing their knowledge and expertise. My lecturers were amazing and provided excellent mentoring. I am still in contact with my mentors.

During my final year, I did my internship at Gnosis Laboratories (HQ), Subang Jaya. My internship as a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) was the most rewarding and motivational experience I have had during my time as a student at SCKL. The laboratory gave me the opportunity to learn new things as an intern, both in hands-on-skills and working in the team-oriented environment.

After entering the workforce full-time at Gribbles Pathology (HQ), Petaling Jaya, I realised that I miss learning very much. I had a beautiful working experience in the Haematology Department for six months as a contract employee. Even though MLT is a very tiring and nerve-wracking job, especially when we work in a 24-hour lab with countless amounts of samples, I enjoyed working there just because of the staff members were all so jovial, helpful and cooperative. A very special thanks to my lecturer who is also my programme leader for the recommendation.

Completing my DMLT was an inspiring experience, where I developed knowledge across a large variety of study areas. Indeed, to succeed, a person needs not only the skills and the experience, but also the connections. Looking back on my journey at SCKL, I can’t believe how much I’ve learned! Even though it seemed so hard at first, studying at SEGi College and being able to graduate was so much fun, and undoubtedly one of the best feelings of accomplishments I will ever have. I would like to thank my dearest family, friends, lecturers and notably SEGi for making it possible for me to complete my diploma successfully.

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