Six things you’ll be able to do as a culinary artist

Food.  We literally can’t live without it.  Neither you, nor I, nor the person sitting across from you at the dinner table, nor the barista who makes your coffee at the corner Starbucks, nor your neighbourhood ice-cream man in the van.  We all need and love food.  Today, we will tell you how to capitalise on everyone’s love for food and turn it into an amazing and fulfilling career choice for you.

Here are six reasons why you should be a culinary art professional:


  1. Transform your love for food into an art form

Now you can take your love for food (and everyone else’s) and turn it into an art form.  Explore your innermost desires for food with your palette and transform them into new and delectable recipes that will make mouths water and ask for seconds!  And you never know – you could become a famous chef one day.  Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Julia Child, Martin Yan – they all began with dreams, applied themselves in learning, got creative, and became international names serving their scrumptious creations to the world.  One day you could be up there with them!   

  1. Take boredom out of the workday equation

Don’t think you’d like a predictable, monotonous nine-to-five office job?  Most people don’t get a choice, they have to follow the office’s humdrum schedules.  But don’t you worry, because as a culinary art professional, no two days will ever be the same for you.  Your workdays (and worknights too) will be fun and exciting because each day or night you’ll be creating, cooking, baking and eating different fabulous food for all and sundry.  Think how thrilling that will be!

  1. Jet-set across the world

Close your eyes and imagine this.  You in your chef outfit, strutting around in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, taking in those city lights while you go around cooking, baking, serving, and eating an international line-up of delicacies.  Many successful and even upcoming chefs and cooks get the opportunity to travel all across the world, and so can you as a future globe-trotting culinary success!

  1. Make lots of money

It’s no secret that really good cooks and chefs make really good money.  Restaurants cannot exist and operate (at least not for long anyway) without a good cook or chef.  While regular restaurants may not pay their experienced but unschooled cooks very much, good restaurants and hotels, especially higher-end hotels, pay their Executive Chefs so much money that in no time at all, they could all build restaurants and hotels of their own!

  1. Switch jobs whenever you feel like it

You’ve got to admit that not many trained personnel can do this (although I’d bet many wish they could).  As someone trained in the culinary arts, you can choose whatever job or career you want whenever you fancy it.  Perhaps you also have a love for drinks and mixing cocktails – you might like to start as a bartender.  Or would you prefer to run a restaurant?  Be a restaurant/food and beverage manager and wield your leadership instead.  Always dreamed of becoming a chef?  Hone in on those creative instincts and be the director of your own kitchen.  There’s virtually no end to the list of things that you could do and enjoy doing it and earn money at the same time!

  1. Feed people and make them happy

Not many professionals can claim to be able to feed people and make them happy at the same job (or at the same time).  But as a culinary art professional, you will be able to do both and earn money at the same time (talk about multi-tasking!).  At the end of your culinary art training, all the tasks that you will do will entail the feeding of people, whether it’s by creating recipes, food preparation, and serving food.  Ultimately, all of these tasks also constitute the arts of food, hospitality and service.  And as you and I have both certainly experienced, our moments in a restaurant or any instance of partaking of a meal has one end in mind – our happiness and satisfaction.  What a powerful thing to be able to do for other people then!

So wouldn’t you like to be able to do all of these six wonderful and adventure-filled things?  Come and have a look at our list of Culinary Arts program or feel free to drop us a WhatsApp enquiry here.

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