SEGi’s contribution to nursing success

Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara (THKD) proudly introduces the Thomson Hospital Alliance Group (T.A.G.) Programme, a visionary partnership with select Malaysian universities and colleges, poised to elevate healthcare education and amplify graduate employability. 

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur has taken a momentous step in this collaboration by signing a groundbreaking Collaboration Agreement with Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara. This agreement, spanning the next three years, entails comprehensive sponsorship for Diploma of Nursing students, encompassing accommodation, transportation, medical benefits, monthly allowances, handphone allowances, and even flight tickets for Sabah & Sarawak natives. The driving force behind this alliance is the aspiration to nurture healthcare education and address the global scarcity of nurses.

This pioneering agreement not only bolsters the education landscape but also solidifies job prospects in the nursing field. Amid global challenges, this collaboration signals a collective effort to usher in a new era of healthcare professionals, equipped to make a tangible impact. 

As the healthcare sector experiences a transformative shift, the Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara and SEGi College alliance stands poised to be a guiding light, illuminating pathways for aspiring nurses and healthcare enthusiasts. 

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