SEGi Transforming Classroom Theory into Industry Practice

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur continues to provide students with enriching educational experiences, exemplified by the recent tour of the Yakult plant on 6 March 2024. Jointly organised by the School of Information Technology (SOCIT) and the School of Business and Accountancy (SOBA), the tour was led by Thavamalar and supported by faculty members Dennis Lim, Sathish, and Rishikumar. This initiative underscores SEGi’s commitment to offering students practical insights into various industries. 

During the tour, students gained firsthand knowledge of the factory production process at Yakult, witnessing machine-to-machine communication and learning about the incorporation of probiotics in the beverage. This immersive experience not only deepened their understanding of manufacturing but also highlighted the importance of quality control and product innovation. 

The involvement of SOBA’s Diploma in Digital Marketing students allowed for a comprehensive analysis of Yakult’s promotional strategies, contributing to their understanding of brand awareness and sustainability in the Malaysian market. Rishikumar’s guidance further enriched students’ learning, emphasising the significance of product differentiation strategies and global market trends. 

SEGi’s commitment to providing holistic education experiences is evident through initiatives like the Yakult plant tour. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, SEGi equips students with practical skills and knowledge, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields. 

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