SCKL School of Allied Health Science celebrates World Teacher’s Day

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur recently celebrated World Teacher’s Day in honour of all the amazing teachers at SEGi for the heartfelt and relentless work they’ve done to provide the very best for their students. Our SEGi students celebrated each teacher’s contribution and effort, without whom they would not be here today.

These students of SEGi wished to show their appreciation to their teachers in the best way they could and came up with the idea to present each teacher with a small token of appreciation – a yellow rose – which signifies heartfelt appreciation for someone who has earned the privilege. Our SEGi students also took many heartfelt photos with their beloved teachers and then stood up to say a few words in their honour.

The President of SEGi Allied Health and Science quoted the following words in honour of SEGi Teachers “When this pandemic disrupted the education system, we all feared that our studies would be put on hold and we would not be able to reach our future goals. But the teachers here at SEGi did not back down, not for a moment. They fought day and night, under extreme pressure and stress, to get back on track so we could reach our goals even when we had lost all hope. Our teachers found ways to improve our educational methods online, arranged our schedules according to our comforts, and even went as far as to teach us personally, one-on-one, during their breaks and weekends.

There was never a time when I was unable to seek help from my teachers, whether it be late at night or on a Sunday. I was always met by the helping hands of my beloved teachers. All the students here today wish to thank you all, our Beloved Teachers, from the bottom of our hearts, for always standing with us, for always standing up for us.”

SEGi, on World Teacher’s Day, and on every other day of the year, would like to commend and salute all our Teachers for their hard work and dedication to our students.

A Fun-Filled Education

SEGi Teachers understand how, especially in these trying times, our students face problems studying online and from their homes.

And so they came up with fun activities such as quizzes, presentations and games. What better ways can our SEGi Teachers make their students know just how much they care.

Above & Beyond

This past year has stretched all and our SEGi Teachers to their very maximum, but nonetheless, our SEGi Teachers have come up shining. Always making themselves available and involved, they give the very best of themselves for the wellbeing and success of their students.

At the end of the day, SEGi Teachers show their true colours as heroes fighting for their students.

Adapting & Updating

With the struggle of the COVID-19’s effect on education, the Teachers at SEGi College have risen to the occasion to deliver the best education possible to our beloved students.

They have all adapted to new and creative methods of teaching and learning, and worked day and night, to ensure that SEGi students always stay on top.

At SEGi, our students will always know we’re behind them all the way. All the way to the very top.


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