Learning foreign languages

Malay Language as a first language in Society

By Emily Bt Mising Udup, Lecturer, School of Education, MPU and Language Education in Malaysia is a continuous effort towards further developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner, to produce balanced and harmonious individuals in terms of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical based on strong faith and obedience to God. Such...
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Change of Management Accounting Practices in IR 4.0

By Ng Kean Wai, Lecturer, School of Business The Emergence of IR 4.0 Technological advances have greatly changed the way people do business. Production methods and business operations are improving with the help of technology. This scenario is also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The evolution from the first Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0 has...
Employee Collaboration

Recognition: Powerful, but often Overlooked

By Siti Rashidah Yusoff, Lecturer, School of American Degree Program Introduction “We all like to be recognized and appreciated. Just by giving an award or recognition certificate, formally recognizing someone in front of a group or even buying a cup of coffee, we’re telling the employee that their work is appreciated.” – Harvey Stein, President,...
Employee Workplace Illustration

Nonverbal communication in the workplace

By Thenmoli A/P Rajantran, Lecturer, School of Creative Arts & Designs If people were to possess an actual toolbox filled with basic yet important tools to function in a society then communication would be the biggest and most dominant tool in said toolbox. We humans love to interact with one another and even before the...

That Gut Feeling

By Daksayani Ganeson, Lecturer, School of Education, MPU and Language Medical science is discovering that the human gut is the ultimate regulator of body functions that determine all health vectors – from obesity, sleep disorders, anxiety, skin conditions and food intolerance to even Covid-19 related diseases. SO, CAN YOU HEAL IT? Eat more fibre! High-fibre...
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Express your Love for your Mother with a Video (A step-by-step inspirational article)

By Thevagi Selvamaney, Lecturer, School of Communication and Creative Arts Why buy a card on Mother’s Day for your Beloved Mom when you can send a video that includes pictures of you? It’s an easy way to spread love and joy on this very special day that’s not just about her, but also about you....
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