The Most Employable Degree Programmes of the Future

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As we enter full swing into the year 2021, still reeling from and reacting to the most ubiquitous and unrelenting pandemic the world has ever seen, many of you might be feeling concerned, and even apprehensive, about your future and what it holds.  Yes, many people have lost their jobs, or at least look as if they might soon be facing that dark reality, and almost everyone seems to be desperately competing with others for jobs, wondering if they had chosen the right educational and career paths.  But you?  There’s a future of possibilities for you!

The world is still bursting with great opportunities for you and others like you. As experts in the education industry, SEGi College Kuala Lumpur is here to assure you that the future is bright and holds much promise.  As our country moves into the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) in tandem with the rest of the world, we acknowledge and reiterate the growing need for a workforce in several fields and have identified six jobs which are anticipated to grow in demand over the next five years, and the most likely degree courses that will help you secure these indispensable jobs.

Here are some of these in-demand degrees to help prepare you for those in-demand jobs with the most anticipated growth rates over the next five years at least.

1. Computer Science and Information Technology

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) is changing the way we live, work, do business, and indeed, even the way we think.  Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural-user interfaces (for example, voice recognition) are making it possible to automate knowledge-worker tasks that have long been regarded as impossible or impractical for machines to perform. It’s also equally amazing that cloud technology has led to a complete transformation in IT and is now moving towards industry-wide transformation.

Our Bachelor of Science (Hons) Computer Science and our Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) will prepare you for a future as a specialist in IT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.  With these qualifications, the jobs that await you could be Software Engineer, System Analyst, Mobile Application Developer, Cybersecurity Manager, and a host of other glamorous designations so that you can do in the future what these engineers are doing for us today.

2. Nursing

In the past year alone, the world has seen a very serious need for nursing experts in both government hospitals and private medical centres.  Nobody can predict the outbreak of a disease, and when this happens, entire countries are at the mercy of their nurses to restore them to good health.  Even without an outbreak, nurses are highly valued professionals without whom doctors would have a very hard time healing their patients.

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur’s Bachelor of Science BSc (Hons) Professional Practice in Nursing will equip you with all the necessary skills and expertise to work in any medical facility within the country and beyond.  In order to become a registered nurse, one must have graduated from an accredited nursing course such as this one.  Even if you’ve never contemplated being a nurse, the very fact that this is a greatly respected profession and capable of earning good money is reason enough to think about it.  Especially if you have a passion for caring for those who need you most.

3. Medical Technology

Doctors and nurses aren’t the only people who make it possible for a hospital or medical centre to function.  They are the front-liners, but behind the scenes, they’re supported by the very necessary auxiliary experts without whom their frontline work wouldn’t be possible.

Our Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology will provide the required education for those who are interested in a career as a medical laboratory technologist.  You won’t be in the frontline, but you’ll be helping patients just as much with your expertise in the crucial data that doctors and nurses will need in order to diagnose diseases, prescribe medication, and heal patients.  This is a job that will foreseeably always be in great demand.

4. Education

Education is and will always be an integral part of a person’s life.  A good educator is a rare gem indeed, because of the invaluable knowledge and wisdom he or she will impart to all those in his or her care.  The teachers of today build the leaders of the future, and this is no small responsibility in any way.  Indeed, our teachers carry the education of tomorrow’s society in their hands.

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur’s Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Early Years Education is a three-year programme that will equip you with the necessary skills and talents to lead our youth into their future and that of the entire country.  This is a grave responsibility and a time-honoured position, and in great demand everywhere, any time.

5. Marketing

The past year alone has proven that the work of a marketeer (or marketer, if you prefer) is an indispensable one.  For as long as the economy exists, as it obviously does even now, even as we are in the throes of a worldwide pandemic, businesses will always need marketeers.

Our BA (Hons) Advertising and Digital Marketing Communications takes the study of economics, business and marketing a notch higher and puts you in the know in the centre of a whole new future of digital marketing.  It can’t be more obvious now that digital is the way of the future.  Anyone who gets left behind clinging to the conventional ways of doing business will be at great risk of losing out on business and economic opportunities.  This is why there is an ever-growing need for the experts trained in this area.  Digital marketing specialists and digital marketing analysts are changing the world.

6. Human Resource

If you look around you, you might notice that work and business today has changed starkly from how it used to be, say, even as recently as ten years ago.  With this worldwide pandemic and lockdown in what is obviously full force, we can’t help but see that the horizon has changed drastically for human resource.  Humans make up human resources, and humans are constantly evolving.  In order to stay abreast of the latest developments and evolutions not just in human resource but also in the whole of society, and being able to understand and manage human resource, is a very highly regarded talent indeed.

Segi College Kuala Lumpur’s BA (Hons) Human Resource Management will equip you with the latest and most advanced management theories and technologies to enable you to be one of those in the higher echelons of the human resource management of the near future.  With the dawn of national lockdowns all across the world last year and this, remote work, made possible by digital technology, has changed the landscape of human resource forever.  This programme will teach you ways to handle and manage the contingencies of the future that we may not have yet imagined.

So there you are.  A world of possibilities for you and your future in these opportunity-filled industries, specialising in these highly desired professions of today and the future.  So wait no longer.  This is your time to seize your future and take control, and not leave it to chance.

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