Great creative career choices that doesn’t make you a starving artist

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Creativity is a quality that’s always valued, no matter what the subject matter is.  The creative industry is an enormous one, and it continues to grow. Along with this growth of industry, grow too the great many creative and artistic career paths. From sole proprietors to booming international corporations to not-for-profit organisations, the creative industry is chock-full of jobs for anyone with a creative flair and the urge to showcase their talents.

Here are some of the most sought-after creative jobs with very attractive remunerations.

  • Creative Producer

A creative producer plays many roles. Creative producers are at the helm of driving the entire production process, from the initial stage to the very end.  They are the essential mediators who connect the customer’s need to the director’s vision with their creativity and ability to conjure up exactly what the customer wants.

  • Art Director

Similarly, art directors are gifted with the ability to conceptualise the customer’s objectives, create the art direction for each project, and manage the creative team to work artistically and according to strict deadlines and eventually deliver everything according to the projected vision.

  • Interior Designer

Interior designers are the people who have the aesthetic ability to make any interior, be it a home, an office, a public building such as a mall or a museum, look and feel exactly as it should. Their ideas will undoubtedly be based on the space they have to work with, and they’ve always proven that the best of them can create space to add to the exact measurements of the area in question.

  • Graphic Artist

Graphic artists are some of the most important creative people around. In this era of digitalisation, more and more jobs are opening up for them. There is practically no business whatsoever that doesn’t require the many artistic and technical skills of a graphic artist. Three decades ago they might have been limited to advertising and marketing companies, but today, almost every single company has someone managing their graphic needs.

  • Marketing Manager and Advertising Manager

Marketing and advertising are fundamental to a business’s continued success. Marketing and advertising are tied to each other, the first being in the position of conceptualisation of the vision, and the latter in the position of visualisation and delivery. Communication skills are essential in these two roles to allow them to work together strategically for their same desired business goals to come to fruition.

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