Final-year marketing student Melisha talks about her study experience, pageant journey and being a mental-health advocate

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Excerpts from a video project initiated by Mr Rishikumar Selvadurai, Senior Lecturer for Marketing Management, School of Business

Due to graduate soon, Melisha Lin told us that she chose to study at SEGi College Kuala Lumpur due to its strategic location in the city. She felt that a conveniently accessible campus was important for her as she wanted the convenience and flexibility to manage work and her studies.

Melisha completed her Diploma in Marketing prior to furthering her studies in a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management. When asked what inspired her to pursue a degree in marketing, Melisha told us “When it comes to choosing my course here in SEGi College Kuala Lumpur, I would say, I didn’t choose Marketing Management, Marketing chose me instead!” She explained, “Because since working from the age of 15 or 17, everyone around me – from my clients to my bosses – had always said, you’re an outgoing person and you’re expressive, you should definitely be in marketing.”

Melisha is indeed a self-made woman. Her experience in both work and her studies has been positive, and encourages other students. “What inspired me to work and study at the same time? I would say it’s because I wanted to be independent. Also, I felt that it is better for me to experience my life that way. Because working and studying at the same time, I could understand and relate better to lectures.”

We also got to hear about Melisha’s pageant journey, where she was a 2nd runner-up in Miss Supra Star Search. “My journey in Supra Star Search has been amazing. You will never imagine how you can juggle responsibilities as a student, working at the same time, while representing your country in a competition. To me, the journey has been valuable, because I learnt so much and grew so much as an individual. I learnt to be more compassionate, to manage my work-study schedule, and to handle pressure better.”

Besides being busy with work and studies, Melisha is also an active advocate for mental health awareness. Acting as the Country Director of YANASEAMH (YouAreNotAlone Mental Health), she shares that the initiative is “to break the stigma of mental health and normalise conversations around mental health. At YANA we always say, “It’s okay to not be okay.”

Melisha has also received high praises from her lecturer, Mr Rishikumar, a Senior Lecturer at SEGi College Kuala Lumpur. “I’ve seen Melisha grow from her Diploma studies right up to her Degree programme. She is an outstanding student in class, and I’ve known her to be an incredibly independent individual.”

We thank Melisha for sharing her journey with us and we wish her the best for the future!

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