Excelling with a Computing Degree in SEGi College Kuala Lumpur

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur has for many years offered a reputable Computing Degree in collaboration with the University of Greenwich, our partner university from the United Kingdom.

Having worked in the IT and education industry for many years, with the opportunity to analyse the programme, the opportunity is an immense privilege. This course consists of systems, programming and systems with design, user interface, security, analytics, and soft skill.

The course structure describes computer systems such as Operating Systems, Computer Networks & Internet Systems and Database Systems. At the same time, it helps students to enhance their cognitive skills in developing a system using programming languages, such as Structure programming, Object-oriented programming and Web design programming with a systematic and structured design development cycle like Agile Development methodology. Besides that, User Interface Design is one of the key points in assisting students in developing user graphical interface.

Security is one of the topic concerns by public to secure our asset and property. Nowadays, high mobility computers in the living environment and the working place that can connect to a heterogeneous network, such as cellular systems, Wi-Fi, and WiMax, to Internet has become a common implementation. Network security, cyber security and even computer security has become an issue of concern since misuse, illegal intrusion, fraudulent, stealing of assets and intellectual property has been prevalent as a direct result of the exponential growth of computer networks today. Principle of security has become one of the more popular courses in the programme.

Data era past, information world be a part of our living. Data and information can be easily accessible anywhere and at any time through sources such as the social media, e-books, e-magazines, e-articles, social networking, YouTube, Tik-Tok and so on. With the vast capacity of data and information, we might not be able to manage and use them appropriately and effectively. In order to filter these huge amounts of data and information, analytical tools are necessary. The course introduces logical data tools as well as information tools which can educate the students on knowing the fact and truth in a brief manner. The skills and knowledge can be learnt through the Data and Web Analytics courses.

The students can also acquire the knowledge of computer and network systems and describe software development cycle in terms of Agile Software Development. Network security detection and prevention can be part of the knowledge and skills that the students can learn. Furthermore, the students will be taught the importance of being a team player.

Apart from the IT skills and knowledge learnt, it is essential for everyone looking to enhance their career development to learn the intra-personal and inter-personal skillset, hopefully, could secure in a working place and live better in living environment. These skills can assist the students in conducting an effective independent research, conducting and managing a project, be a good listener and communicate effectively. All of these will be exploit in the soft skill courses.

With these analysis, it is without any question, the curriculum has fundamentally covered all areas of computing and IT as well as the soft skills. Students will acquire the best possible skills and knowledge that can be applied in the industry. The curriculum can provide a holistic education in the era of Industry 4.0 to better equip them when they graduate.

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