Communication skills in the workplace

Closeup of Smiling Coworkers Using Tablet Outdoors

By Gayathri A/P Krishnan, Lecturer, School of Education, MPU and Language

Communication skills refer to the ability to know the behaviour and personality of others and also how to handle others in the workplace. Communication skills are crucial skills that employees require. It plays an important role for employees as they can get success with new ideas and information. Communication skills also can enable a person to express or convey information that listeners can understand easily.

In today’s world, communication skills play a vital role. It teaches us to use effective words, modulation, pitch and body language. By using the right tools of communication, we can save our precious time and can motivate others towards achievement and success.

Communication skills play an important role in every part of life. In any organization, people use 75% of communication every day. Communication can be in the form of writing, speaking, listening and reading. For the success of any organization, communication is essential. For the youngsters in our society today, communication skills are as crucial as technological qualification.

Besides that, communication skills can help a manager to improve his business skills and to create a long term relationship with his workers as workers are the heart of any business organisation. If workers are satisfied with their managers, they will work hard. These relationships can be maintained by good communication skills. It also can enable a person to create a good relationship with his co-workers. In a meeting, if one can effectively share his ideas and thoughts, then his listeners can understand his purpose and objectives.

These skills can also improve the overall culture of the workplace. It is important in improving the relationship between workers, managers, and the owner too. Organisational goals and objectives can be achieved and things go smoothly when everyone is cooperative in achieving these goals. It is important to build strong workplace relationships because these relationships can help to increase the productivity of the organisation.

In a nutshell, communication skills are an important component in today’s society. It can improve the productivity and profitability of organizations. It can also improve the general knowledge of employees regarding the business. With poor communication skills, one cannot show good performance and it will also decrease the confidence level, thereby causing poor customer services. All these reasons can result in losses for the business and dissatisfied customers.

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