Beyond the Bullseye: SOCAD’s Traditional Archery Event Promotes Self-Control and Teamwork

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur’s School of Communication & Creative Design (SOCAD) recently hosted a traditional archery exercise in partnership with Akademi Wangsa. The event, which took place on 18 January 2023, was attended by 19 SOCAD students.

The event’s goal was to allow students to exercise the ideals of art, science, and sport while learning about the ideas of traditional archery. It was also an opportunity for kids to improve their social skills and self-confidence while learning self-control, discipline, and patience.

SOCAD lecturers also participated in the event, adding to the fun and excitement. Following two hours of training, the students and lecturers competed in a challenge, with the students coming out on top.

The event was a success, and SOCAD would like to thank Akademi Wangsa for funding the archery training. The school is excited to host additional exciting programmes and encourage all kids to join.

The archery activity allowed kids to venture outside their comfort zones and participate in a new and thrilling sport. Traditional archery principles extend beyond simply shooting arrows at targets and promote concentration, mental discipline, and self-control. These important life skills can be applied to a job, relationships, and personal development.

Furthermore, the event provided an ideal opportunity for lecturers and students to engage and bond in a fun and casual environment. The lecturer-student challenge was an excellent method to encourage teamwork and healthy competition, which are crucial skills to have in the industry and life.

In conclusion, SOCAD’s archery activity was a tremendous success, and the school looks forward to organising more enjoyable and engaging future student activities. This event emphasises the significance of extracurricular activities in developing skills other than academic brilliance and giving opportunities for personal growth and development.

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