A Newer, Brighter SEGi Blazes into the Year of the Dragon

The year of the dragon marks many exciting changes, especially for the Chinese community who attribute fame and fortune to the ever-shifting Feng Shui.

But tradition and beliefs apart, SEGi University & Colleges is making a monumental change that is bound to redefine the education industry.

Carrying the tagline “SEGi, A New Dawn,” the group is working towards making education more accessible and affordable to everyone.

Everyone in this context points not only to the local scene but abroad, with strategic plans being undertaken to target potential students in the continents of Asia and Africa.

The call for sustainability has never been more strident, and SEGi has replied with its efforts towards digitalisation to go green and achieve net zero carbon, among others.

Our pioneering research initiatives address the most critical challenges in sustainable development, guided by the principles laid out in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Prominent among them are the study of big data towards agriculture, treatment of rubber industry wastewater, troubleshooting on biogas production and impact of green finance, just to name a few.

The pinnacle of our digitalisation effort is no other than SEGi MetaCampus, a first in Malaysia, which introduces an immersive 3D, virtual learning experience.

Students of SEGi are no longer confined by their geographical location, being represented by exciting, avatar figures that are able to attend lectures, engage in community events or potential employers.

The SEGi MetaCampus is the incarnation of a well-equipped campus, comprising numerous lecture halls, meeting rooms, libraries, retail shops, student hangouts and concert halls.

Beyond that, SEGi is broadening its services to include the K-12, consisting of two international and one private school.

The FutureEdge College has also been established to cater to technical, vocational education and training.

All said initiatives are but a peek at the horizon that is steadily transforming into a new dawn for SEGi.

Whether you are a student, shareholder or stakeholder, there is much in store for the future where SEGi is concerned.


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