Why you should consider a degree in IT?

We know the demand for Information Technology (IT) specialists has existed for decades. There may have been a sudden slump in between but the discovery of social apps, artificial intelligence and the likes of data-oriented development has certainly given IT and computing the extra edge today. This could very much mean that by the time you complete studying, you would probably be creating your own job description.

Such agility is not only shifting the world of IT into a more exciting sphere, but it is also helping to realise possibilities that the previous generation could only begin to imagine. This is the reason why you should consider a degree in IT. Today, something as traditional as construction presents a thrilling opportunity for IT graduates as we move towards the era of smart homes. Just imagine a world of voice-activated control that keeps you connected to your homes even when you are not in it, physically.

That’s not all. The medical industry is looking into brain interfaces to help stroke patients communicate, smart machines to detect disorders and robot-assisted surgeries to deliver better and more efficient health care. What we are trying to say is that every industry and business today cannot survive without IT intelligence.

Malaysia has been pro-ICT (information and communication technology) since the early 90s and the government continues to pump in investments into this sector every year because they realise the revenue generated from it is quite significant. A report by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia shows that there are plans to increase the local ICT sector’s contribution to the economy to 17% by 2020, from the current 13%. Beyond the Internet of Things and cloud computing, the International Data Corporation or IDC has identified Fintech and Block Chain as the current wave of technology to transform Malaysia. The future, as predicted by IDC, will be a combination of tool and technologies such as Big Data in the Cloud, Cognitive Cybersecurity and Data Centre Vision.

The good news is, any new trends that pop up in the IT sector are swiftly picked up and commercialised everywhere. For instance, the idea of ‘smart’ cities, factories, cars, homes and a whole range of other products and services have quite literally taken over our lives. The start-up scene and entrepreneurism are bursting at the seams, presenting opportunities for ICT-based entrepreneurs to make it big on their own.

With so much to offer, it is no wonder that higher learning institutions are constantly changing their courses to suit today’s industry needs. SEGi has always been on the ball when it comes to embracing the latest tech and innovation developments into its study programmes.

SEGi University’s IT programmes provide a world-class learning experience to students as it exposes them to an industry-driven curriculum and a comprehensive network of key industry players who will provide real-time exposure that enhances their skills, leading them towards specialisations.

SPM leavers can choose to pursue Foundation in Information Technology or Science or complete a Diploma in Information Technology which will lead them towards their degree

specialisations, particularly in business systems design, software engineering and computer networks. Postgraduate seekers can also complete their MSc and PhD in Information Technology by Research. SEGi also offers a double-degree programme (3+0) in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire, UK. All our courses are accredited and locally, and abroad.

So, whichever IT pathway you have set your eyes on, know that SEGi can equip you and take you through the journey that helps you find or establish a sustainable career in the sector. Log on to https://segi.edu.my/study-with-us/technology-innovation to get more details on the Technology & Innovation programmes offered by SEGi.