Top 5 Advantages of Online Learning VS Classroom & Blended Learning

Learning has evolved in many ways. In a world where information is available in excess, the Internet today, has become a popular teaching aid so much so that classrooms are taking a blended approach by integrating the use of smart devices to facilitate the learning process.

At tertiary level, the concept of online learning has gained great mileage with many higher learning institutions offering online distance learning for professional study programmes. This enables working professionals or adult learners to gain higher qualifications without having to spend time in physical classrooms or adapting to conventional study methodologies.

Online learning or affectionately known as massive open online courses (MOOC) comes with its own perks. Here’s why we would recommend e-study for adult learners.

Study from anywhere

Online learning only needs a stable internet connection. So long you have that, studying can be done even from the convenience of your home or a remote location that’s wired compared to conventional or blended learning approach that would require our physical presence at a certain location. Online learning is easy to follow. A user guideline is generally presented to familiarise learners who then take it up on their own. All you need is self-drive and motivation to be consistent with your study.

Do it at your own pace

Study at night, or over the weekend or catch up on online lessons and discussions over lunch periods. Online learning thrives on flexibility that conventional or blended learning can’t accommodate. Learners can choose the number of subjects per semester based on their ability to balance work, family and study and graduate at their own pace. If exam is not your cup of tea, choose project-based assessment. Either way, upon completion, you will be awarded the same qualification that a full-time learner gets from the respective institutions.

Sync with technology

Today’s technology enables us to sync all our smart devices online. This way, there is even no need for adult learners to lug their laptops or books around. Groups discussions and revisions can be done using your smartphone while you’re commuting or at your favourite coffee place. Most study materials are easily available online via the university’s online resource, application like Blackboard Student or the Learning Management System so that you can study on-the-go.

Lower Cost and Flexible Payment Option

Online learning generally cost lower than full-time study programmes because of the nature of study which doesn’t require a physical facility or study materials. Most online study programmes also provides easy payment options. At SEGi, learners can pay based on the number of subjects they choose per semester. There are also bank instalment plan, EPF or HRDF study schemes and income tax relief for selected fields.

Advance your career

Gaining a higher qualification doesn’t necessarily have to happen in your early 20s. Businesses today are changing rapidly due to industrial revolutions and technology advancement. As such, our knowledge and skills can become obsolete over time. Opening up our minds to study can transform

our lives. Whether it is meant for promotion, role expansion or even a career change, online learning certainly makes a difference.

SEGi’s PACE (Professional and Continuing Education) provides you the flexibility to graduate at your own pace. Learners are free to select their own method of study based on their needs and ability. Besides online learning, there are evening or weekend classes as well blended learning option that facilitates revisions for e-learners at selected branches. Adult learners can also complete their programme by research.

Through a consortium of global universities, learners can study with SEGi University Online or any of the partner universities from UK and Australia such as University of Greenwich, University of London, University of Southern Queensland, University of Sunderland and University of St Mark & St John. A wide-ranging and comprehensive list of programmes are also available including business and accounting, communication studies, technology and innovation, allied health sciences and accelerated career training. It is never too late for an upgrade or a change. Visit for more details