The Importance of Postgraduate Degree, and Why It Only Took a PhD Thesis to Create Google

In 1995, two young PhD candidates met, developed a research thesis and created the world’s most profitable and most popular search engine. Those two PhD candidates were Sergey Brin and Larry Page, while that very profitable and popular search engine is Google.

Strange things happens in an academic setting. Epidemics eradicated, billion-dollar companies are born, and world-changing solutions created all possible because aspiring students and academics trade ideas, debate, network and pool resources to make the impossible happen. However, all these precious exchanges often happened behind the closed doors of the university. What the public sees is only results and solutions to the world’s problems. The media downplays the efforts, but glorifies the answer, making hard work seemed irrelevant and exchanging of ideas between student and professors unimportant.

Misconstruing the facts and simplifying the birth of an idea has led to the notion that postgraduate degrees are no longer essential and a complete waste of time. The new generation has been led to believe that a graduate degree is nothing but an expensive piece of paper. Only experience and grit count to move up the corporate ladder — individuals who think that is sorely mistaken. Grit is important no doubt, and essential skills are well essential no argument there but being successful requires one to be educated and articulate, a luxury not obtainable through self-learning and experience.

The benefits of a postgraduate degree are far more valuable than a simple piece of paper. Why do great ideas birth out of PhD and MBA programmes? It’s just because the university is the nucleus for knowledge and where the best minds gather. No other institution will you find ambitious, intelligent individuals who are willing to share their expertise and resources willingly.

A graduate degree is more than boring lectures and tedious assignments. It is a place for growth, training and networking. Being trained to think systematically, look for essential resources and exchanging knowledge with your peers will be beneficial for years to come. The only investment? A year and a half or a maximum of two years (if you are studying an MBA) to reap unlimited benefits for the next 40 years.

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