Centre for Infrastructure Geo-Hazards and Sustainable Materials

Centre for Infrastructure Geo-Hazards and Sustainable Materials

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International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Advanced Technologies (ICSEAT2022)

16 – 17 June 2022



This centre has its niche expertise in two (2) major research themes, (i) infrastructure geo-hazards, and (ii) sustainable materials.

Research on infrastructure geo-hazards emphasizes on merging and integrating the knowledge of earth sciences and civil infrastructures. Civil infrastructure systems involves the design, analysis, and management of infrastructure supporting human activities, for example, buildings, roads and transportation, water and wastewater system, landforms, oil and gas, electricity and communication, that make up urban and rural communities. Thus, IGSM developed its expertise in the assessment, prevention and mitigation of geo-hazards and its effects on the civil infrastructures, such as landslides, erosion, flood, wind, earthquake, environmental disasters and many others which are related to earth sciences. It is very much significant that this centre could be one of the support system since our nation has inevitably endured with dynamic catastrophes, such as climate change, flood, tsunami, earthquake and many others.

IGSM also provides research on sustainable materials in construction and other industries. In line with its niche area in providing sustainable materials to reduce the impacts on the environment, the centre focuses on developing and providing new and innovative materials that is durable and sustainable for the built environment. Research activities within the theme include: exploration and innovation of potential materials in the improvement of strength and performance of concrete, potential and performance of local natural resources and manufactured products in construction, sustainable materials related to dams and highways, hybrid materials in construction, and the management of waste materials from construction and other related industries


Dr. Azlinda Saadon

Team Members

  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Jeffrey Chiang Choong Luin
  • Prof. Dr. Kousay Al-Sanjery
  • Dr. Ir. Salmaliza Salleh
  • Ir. Tengku Anita Raja Hussin
  • Ir Mohd Rashidi Ya’acob
  • Ms. Noorasyikin Mohammad Noh
  • Mr. Mohd Amin Shafii
  • Ms. Jenny Ong