Insights from the deans at SEGi University

For university graduates, Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry are highly competitive industries. The long queue for training placements, potential unemployment during the wait and upon the end of their training contract due to late entry into the job market, etc.

On 18 August, the Ministry of Health (MoH) announced the approval of 4,053 applications for permanent positions covering 3,215 doctors, 438 dentists and 400 pharmacists, with 225 candidates on the standby list.

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof Dr Tey Kim Kuan, shared:

“This is very good news for contract pharmacists who wish to secure permanent posts in Public Service. On the other hand, there is a steady increase in demand for qualified pharmacists in the private sector in recent years; a good outlook for those with the ambition to start a career in different market segments.”

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Allied Health Sciences, Prof Dr Mohd Raili Suhaili, commented:

“With more permanent positions made available by MoH, doctors who have or are about to complete their 2-year housemanship now have a ‘breathing space’ to properly plan their career path. Moreover, students considering or currently studying medicine can rest assured they have plenty of options to choose from upon graduation. Setting up a Health Commission may not happen overnight, but this is a good start in addressing the challenges and issues faced by the Ministry.”

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dato’ Prof Dr Ahmad Termizi remarked:

“Dentistry is an equipment-based profession; currently, there aren’t enough dental chairs in the public sector to accommodate all graduates. The recent announcement by MoH is indeed great news and coupled with the revised Dental Act that allows the compulsory service to be completed in either the public or private sector. Graduates have channels to complete the necessary training to become fully registered dentists in Malaysia. There is so much more to dentistry than oral care, and it is a very rewarding career with the right mindset.”

The deans also believe that there is a continuous demand for qualified dentists, doctors and pharmacists in the country. Programmes offered at SEGi University are developed especially for students who believe in making a difference in the lives of others and contributing to the country’s healthcare system in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements set by accreditation and professional bodies.