SEGi’s Wildlife Environmental Day: A roaring success for conservation

SEGi’s School of MPU recently organised an exhilarating volunteering event at Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur, aptly named “Wildlife Environmental Day.” This event not only provided students with a unique opportunity to experience a day in the life of a zookeeper but also aimed to prioritise animal well-being, raise awareness about animal welfare, and engage the community in a meaningful and educational experience. 

Volunteering at Zoo Negara allows students to witness firsthand the incredible work behind the scenes, fostering a deeper appreciation for the animals they love. Collaborating with dedicated zookeepers and volunteers from various colleges and universities, SEGi students had the chance to make a positive impact while having fun. 

The event’s objectives align with Sustainable Development Goal 15 – Life on Land. By volunteering at Zoo Negara, students actively protected and preserved threatened species, supporting the zoo’s efforts to prevent extinction and promote biodiversity. 

Throughout the day, SEGi students undertook various tasks assigned by Zoo Negara, including assisting animal keepers with daily care activities such as exhibit cleaning, food preparation, and animal behavioural enrichment. Additionally, they actively participated in the zoo’s horticulture and plant landscaping projects, enhancing the overall environment. 

Participating students expressed their enjoyment and fulfilment in being part of this volunteering activity, eagerly looking forward to future opportunities. They recognised the invaluable nature of this hands-on experience, acknowledging that it provided insights and learning opportunities beyond what could be gained within the confines of a classroom. 

SEGi’s School of MPU continues to empower students with experiential learning opportunities that leave a lasting impact. Through their participation in “Wildlife Environmental Day” at Zoo Negara, students gained cherished memories and contributed to preserving our planet’s remarkable biodiversity. 

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