#EarlyYearsLectureSeries: Child Observation, Documentation and Evaluation

Join us this Friday (27 May 2022) for another episode of the SEGi Group of Colleges-WhyteHouse Education Group #EarlyYearsLectureSeries where Ms Paula Hoppu who delivers the module on “Child Observation, Documentation and Evaluation” in the HEI Schools Preschool diploma.

Our speaker:
Hello, I am Paula Hoppu and work as a pedagogical manager at Hei Schools, Finland. I have built my career working with multicultural families, in multinational teams as an ECE teacher and Centre Director and I am experienced in leading and training. At HEI Schools I have recently mentored teams in our
Learning Centres in Australia, Nami Island, S. Korea & USA.I also conduct online teacher training for educators in our global community.
Seats are limited so remember to register EARLY here to avoid disappointments: http://bit.ly/eylectureseries11
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