Lecturer - Programme Leader (Diploma in Early Childhood Education)

Christy Tong Hoey Chin

NameChristy Tong Hoey Chin
DesignationLecturer - Programme Leader (Diploma in Early Childhood Education)


Master of Teaching and Learning (Taylor’s University)

Bachelor of Early Childhood (University of Southern Queensland)

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (SEGi College)


Christy Tong is a candidate of PhD in Education. She obtains a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Early Childhood and Master of Teaching and Learning. Christy Tong is a full-time lecturer at SEGi University. She started her journey as a trainee teacher in a preschool. Slowly, she finds her passion in teaching growing and starts taking up more roles in the preschool, including the role of a principal. She loves working with children and constantly finds different strategies to engage them in learning more effectively. Her philosophy of education is “Every child can learn, just not in the same way”. She strongly believes that children must be guided to achieve their fullest potential. After many years being in the industry, she then decided to become an early childhood lecturer to share her knowledge and experience to more pre-service teachers. Her research interests include early childhood education, phonics teaching, arts education as well as Visible Learning.


Early Childhood Education, Phonics Teaching, Arts Education, Visible Learning


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