Program Leader cum Lecturer

Chieng Shea Lee

NameChieng Shea Lee
DesignationProgram Leader cum Lecturer


Master in English as the Second Language, (UM)

Bachelor of Education (TESL), MSU


Shea Lee holds a Bachelor in Education, specializing in TESL from MSU and continued to pursue her interest in Second Language Acquisition, specifically in Written Corrective Feedback in Master, in UM. She has always been passionate about teaching and has been in the education sector for almost 11 years. Having the experience to teach both in secondary and tertiary levels, she strongly believes that teaching is a life-long process as everyday’ s encounters with students continuously makes her want to learn more about effective teaching methods, especially ways to encourage interactions between students and teachers.


Second Language Acquisition (Corrective Feedback to enhance critical thinking skills using online platforms)


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