The Asia Pacific Conference on Curriculum Studies and Instructional Designing (APCCSID 2021)

01/10/2021 - 03/12/2021
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As we go into the 21st century, the world is facing unprecedented crisis such as climate change, global warming, famine and disasters in many parts of the world, increasing conflicts and wars, as well as global pandemic. Never before in the history of mankind that the impending dangers either physically, mentally, emotionally are looming large and threatening survival of mankind. As such, sustainability become a keyword that may well save the world. Curriculum sets the direction for educational transformation across all nations and at all levels of education. A synergy between all these levels of education is needed, a concerted effort nationally and globally is needed and the gap between theory and practice need to be made smaller.

Theme : Curriculum and Instructional Design for Sustainable Development

Conference Sub-Themes :

  • Sustainability towards Inclusive Education
  • Sustainability in Values Education
  • Education for Environmental Sustainability
  • Education for Sustainable Socioeconomic Development
  • Sustainability in Provision of Quality Education
  • Methodologies in Research on Sustainability Development in Education
  • Current and Future Issues for Sustainable Education